Steganos Password Manager

Steganos Password Manager 13.0

Store passwords and access codes securely encrypted on a digital key ring!
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If you're like the rest of us, you've got more than a few passwords and PIN numbers to keep track of: online shopping accounts, web forums, email and bank accounts. But as your password and PIN list grows, so does the difficulty remembering them.
The situation: At-the-ready passwords on scraps of paper are easily lost. If they fall into the wrong hands, someone can make purchases under your name.
You love to participate in online competitions and raffles. But constantly and repeatedly typing your name, address, phone number, etc. in forms is annoying and time consuming.
Email, shopping, and other internet accounts that use weak or share the same passwords can be cracked in seconds with a simple password hacker program. The solution is Steganos Password Manager.

Stores passwords and access codes securely encrypted on a digital key ring. Use it on laptops, PCs, pocket PCs, USB sticks and on other computers when you're on the road.
Thanks to the auto fill feature, direct access to individual passwords and drag & drop support, the annoying manual fill-out of websites and competition forms is a thing of the past.
Generates highly secure passwords automatically: Strong password protection to thwart data thieves.

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