Steganos Password Manager 22.4
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Steganos Password Manager 22.4

Protect and manage your valuable passwords and other sensitive information
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Keeping all your passwords, bank account and credit card details, and any other sensitive data that you tend to use to access multiple sites on the Web, has become a must in the era of e-commerce. Steganos Password Manager offers you a useful management tool to generate the strongest passwords possible and to capture, store, and re-use all your most sensitive information.

The program offers two major utilities – a password generator and a manager for all your sensitive data. The former is an excellent tool, full of useful tips and a wide variety of methods to produce unbreakable passwords. The latter, however, does not reach the levels of efficiency and functionality that its main competitors have achieved.

The password generation module is the first thing you are presented with when you open the program for the first time and decide to create a new “keychain” (the program’s term for a password database). The idea is that you create that strong master password that will give you exclusive access to the program. You are offered various methods, from typing your own password using the virtual keyboard to choosing a combination of images using PicPass, and from hovering your mouse over an image to letting the program’s password generator to create the safest password for you.

As for the functionality associated to the program’s database and its management, users of other similar tools will find this one a bit weaker in comparison. It lacks some of the most sophisticated features present in any of the top-5 password managers and worst of all, it finds various difficulties in transferring your login information to certain webpages when needed and in capturing your credentials (i.e., two-page logins and pop-up login dialogs). To top it all off, the program supports only two browsers (Firefox and Chrome) when it comes to filling in forms.

These limitations do not turn Steganos Password Manager into a useless password manager – on the contrary, its simplicity of use may be what many potential users are looking for and its powerful password generator makes it at least worth trying. It just moves the program to a lower position in the ranking of the best password managers available out there. Its efficiency, though, will vary greatly depending on the browser you use and the way in which the protected sites you visit ask for your credentials.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Generates strong passwords easily
  • Supports using combinations of PicPass images to produce passwords
  • Includes templates for credit cards, bank accounts, etc
  • Provides two-factor authentication
  • Syncs to other PCs and devices


  • Presents some problems when capturing passwords
  • Supports Firefox and Chrome only when saving your credentials
  • Imports passwords from a reduced number of competitors


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