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Creates and stores passwords for automatic authentication
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Steganos Password Manager saves you from the strain of remembering all your passwords. In this regard, besides website login information, the tool allows keeping other types of data, such as details of your bank accounts and credit cards. Unlike other similar programs, Steganos Password Manager uses keychains, which are collections of logins. This way, it is possible to keep different groups of passwords for various purposes or identities. Thus, the best part of using keychains is that, if anyone cracks one of your keychains, that person will not be able to access all of your passwords.

The program installs browser extensions that fill in login data automatically for you. Another possibility is to drag the information to the corresponding form field. The easiest way to save your credentials is to let the program do it automatically when you authenticate yourself on a given site. Moreover, you can create new entries manually. It is a pity that the program does not allow using custom data fields or storing access info for other products.

The tool supports using your keychains from different devices and locations. Fortunately, there are versions for iOS and Android. It can also conveniently create a portable password manager on a USB memory device. There is also the possibility to share data on the cloud.

The program can keep your login data safe by using a strong encryption algorithm (AES 256-bit). Moreover, it comes with a password generator that can create a tough-to-decipher password from random mouse movements. To prevent password cracking using keyloggers, the tool lets you use a virtual keyboard as well. Finally, there is another method, which consists in choosing a series of pictures; however, it is not recommended because of its being vulnerable to brute-force attacks.

In general, Steganos Password Manager has the main advantage of minimizing a drawback inherent to this type of programs, as it does not use a single master password for all your information. The product is shareware and can be tried for a limited period of time. However, you should know that there are similar tools available at no cost.

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  • Creates keychains for different groups of data
  • Uses strong encryption
  • Provides password generation based on random mouse movements
  • Creates portable password managers
  • Allows sharing data on the cloud
  • Has a virtual keyboard against keyloggers


  • Does not allow creating custom fields
  • Cannot store access data to other programs
  • Similar tools are available for free
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